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Serving Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, & New Castle Counties & Surrounding Areas (410) 392-4900

SMR-birdseye-view1Cleaning up after vandalism is often covered by various kinds of insurance, no matter if it’s broken glass, paint balls, spray paint, or other debris. We can help you to survey the damage and determine what the best course of action is to restore your property.

No matter what has happened to your commercial or private space, we are experienced in the art and science of restoration. Our certified and professional technicians can assess the site of vandalism, and walk you through what is needed to restore your property.

Our services are sometimes covered under homeowner’s or business insurance. We have a claims specialist to assist with billing insurance, and for most of our clients we can fully manage all of the billing and payments without having to involve them.


After you contact us, we’ll send out a professional to assess the vandalism and help chart a course to deal with it. We will:

  1. Inspect and evaluate the scene to determine what needs to be done, and the most cost-effective way to do it.
  2. Explain what we recommend.
  3. Work with your insurance adjuster to set expectations of what the cleaning results will be, so we don’t clean something that should be replaced.
  4. Perform whatever work is necessary to restore your property to pre-vandalism conditions.
  5. If additional contractor help is needed, such as with painting, replacement of broken glass or doors, etc., we can coordinate our work with them.