Disinfection Services

Our technicians are trained and certified to clean and disinfect any home or establishment. With years of experience serving hospitals, clinics, and facilities that are exposed daily to pathogens and other infectious carriers, we are often called upon for preventative cleaning measures, as well as for suspected exposed locations. We provide protective measures for our staff and take security and privacy into consideration to protect our customers and their facilities. No matter the situation, we will ensure to handle yours with care, thoroughness, and discretion.

About Our Disinfection Services

We deploy a two-step process in combating the spread of infectious diseases—clean and disinfect.

According to the CDC, current evidence suggests that novel coronaviruses may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of different materials. They suggest that cleaning these surfaces before disinfection is a “best practice” measure for the prevention of viral respiratory illnesses in community settings.

Studies have shown that viral droplets stay in the air for 3 hours or more. In most cases, because they are wet droplets, they fall out of the air and on to surfaces. It is vital to break down and remove all visible organic soils, which can act as a food source for the virus allowing it to remain active.

How Does It Work

To reduce the potential of exposure for pathogens, including Sars-COV-2 and other viral respiratory illnesses—it is imperative to clean and disinfect high touch areas and horizontal surfaces with increased focus on gathering spaces. This process involves:

Preventative Cleaning

♦ General soil removal of items such as trash and debris.

♦ The application and use of an approved EPA disinfectant.

♦ Wiping high touch areas such as door knobs, light switches, handrails, etc.

♦ Focusing cleaning and disinfecting efforts on gathering spaces such as lobbies, kitchens, elevators, restrooms, break areas, etc.

♦ A broad range application of disinfectant may be conducted following cleaning.

Cleaning for suspected/confirmed exposure situations

♦ Remove trash and debris

♦ Clean ceiling

♦ Clean and disinfect walls up to 10 feet in height

♦ Clean and disinfect horizontal surfaces, focusing on high touch items

♦ Clean and disinfect floors, Steam clean carpets

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Everyone has been absolutely amazing. Joanne was my first contact person there and she was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and was so polite and got everything set up for me. This has been a very stressful time for me as I have just recently lost my sister very suddenly. I had been in Colorado to say a goodbye to her. Joanne was very understanding and put my mind at ease. The whole process of getting everything ready for the contractors went much smoother than I had anticipated. All the gentleman that were there were very polite and once again answered all my questions, even though I most likely asked them the same questions over and over again. Brett Duckworth has also been a great help too. And last but not least, Chris Coronis is a true delight and I can’t wait for him to come out and getting started on our work. Your organization has made what could have been a huge anxiety attack on my part, a so far smooth process. Thank you so much.
On July 23rd we experienced a flood that encompassed our kitchen,great room and dining room thanks to the hose breaking on the back of the refrigerator....
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