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Serving Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, & New Castle Counties & Surrounding Areas (410) 392-4900

iStock_000006656699SmallThere are few things in life more unpleasant and less expected than sewage backups.

Sometimes this happens because a pipe breaks or gets plugged, sometimes it can be a result of a major rainstorm or other natural act. No matter the cause, raw sewage produces a unique set of cleaning challenges we are well-suited to handle.

Water that has human sewage in it has a host of bacteria and other microbes that can root into drywall and carpets, or between cracks of wood or tile. Because of this, a mere cleaning (even with things like bleach) isn’t enough.

ServiceMaster Restore uses specialized equipment and cleaners to ensure that all bacteria, odors, and other microbes are fully neutralized and eradicated. We remove and dispose of things such carpets, bedding, or even flooring, so you won’t have to handle any of these items yourself.

Our services are often covered under homeowner’s or business insurance. We have a claims specialist to assist with billing insurance, and for most of our clients we can fully manage all of the billing and payments without having to involve them.


Our Sewage Backup work is guaranteed. When you call us after a backup, here’s how we work:

  1. We inspect and evaluate your home, usually within two hours of you contacting us.
  2. A walkthrough is done to see what parts of you home have been exposed, and what the best course of action might be to safely remove the sewage and water.
  3. We will explain what we need to do, in what order, and why it’s important. We’ll also explain how long it will take us to restore your home to pre-sewage conditions.
  4. Next we establish air scrubbing to prevent odors and gasses from getting into unaffected parts of the home.
  5. While wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we remove the sewage by vacuuming it up, then remove any porous or semi-porous material (carpets, floor coverings, drywall, paneling).
  6. Remove non-restorable items, such as furniture.
  7. Fully clean and sanitize the remaining structures, like the subflooring and wall studs.
  8. We clean and sanitize all of your restorable content, which includes metal items and things such as hardwood floors.
  9. Most importantly, we perform clearance testing to confirm that the bacterial levels are at a safe level. This is called an ATP test. We use what is called a Luminometer and a swab. We swab a 2-inch square area at random spots and put it in the measuring device. This allows us to measure and confirm that your home or place of business is absolutely safe to live in once again.
  10. We will submit our report to your insurance adjuster on your behalf and bill them directly.
  11. If you need our Pack Out ervice while we clean, we will pack up your items, clean them, and store them in our secure warehouse.
  12. We will also bring them back when your house is clean.