Sewer Backup

There are few things in life more unpleasant and less expected than sewage backups.

Sometimes this happens because a pipe breaks or gets clogged, other times it can be the result of a major rainstorm or some other natural act. No matter the cause, raw sewage produces a unique set of cleaning challenges we are well-suited to handle.

When we arrive, we’ll do a walk-through with you to see what’s been affected, and note any places the sewage may have migrated to, such as under drywall, into basements, or beneath floor coverings.


Water that has human sewage in it has a host of bacteria and other microbes that can root into drywall and carpets, or between cracks of wood or tile. Because of this, a mere cleaning (even with things like bleach) isn’t enough.

ServiceMaster Restore uses specialized equipment and cleaners to ensure that all bacteria, odors, and other microbes are fully neutralized and eradicated. We remove and dispose of things such as carpets, bedding, and even flooring, so you won’t have to handle any of these items yourself.


Our services are often covered under homeowner’s or business insurance. We have a claims specialist to assist with billing insurance, and for most of our clients we can fully manage all of the billing and payments without having to involve them.

How Does It Work

Our Sewage Backup work is guaranteed. When you call us after a backup, here’s how we work:

♦ We inspect and evaluate your home, usually within two hours of you contacting us.

♦ A walk-through is done to see what parts of your home have been exposed, and what the best course of action might be to safely remove the sewage and water.

♦ We will explain what we need to do, in what order, and why it’s important. We’ll also explain how long it will take us to restore your home to pre-sewage conditions.

♦ Next we establish air scrubbing to prevent odors and gasses from getting into unaffected parts of the home.

♦ While wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we remove the sewage by vacuuming it up, then remove any porous or semi-porous material (carpets, floor coverings, drywall, paneling).

♦ Remove non-restorable items, such as furniture.

♦ Fully clean and sanitize the remaining structures, like the subflooring and wall studs.

♦ We clean and sanitize all of your restorable content, which includes metal items and things such as hardwood floors.

♦ Most importantly, we perform clearance testing to confirm that the bacterial levels are at a safe level. This is called an ATP test. We use what is called a Luminometer and a swab. We swab a 2-inch square area at random spots and put it in the measuring device. This allows us to measure and confirm that your home or place of business is absolutely safe to live in once again.

♦ We will submit our report to your insurance adjuster on your behalf and bill them directly.

♦ If you need our Pack Out Service while we clean, we will pack up your items, clean them, and store them in our secure warehouse.

♦ We will also bring them back when your house is clean.

What Our Customers Say

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Everyone has been absolutely amazing. Joanne was my first contact person there and she was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and was so polite and got everything set up for me. This has been a very stressful time for me as I have just recently lost my sister very suddenly. I had been in Colorado to say a goodbye to her. Joanne was very understanding and put my mind at ease. The whole process of getting everything ready for the contractors went much smoother than I had anticipated. All the gentleman that were there were very polite and once again answered all my questions, even though I most likely asked them the same questions over and over again. Brett Duckworth has also been a great help too. And last but not least, Chris Coronis is a true delight and I can’t wait for him to come out and getting started on our work. Your organization has made what could have been a huge anxiety attack on my part, a so far smooth process. Thank you so much.
kathy H.
kathy H.
On July 23rd we experienced a flood that encompassed our kitchen,great room and dining room thanks to the hose breaking on the back of the refrigerator....
Rita D.
Rita D.
I had a specific cleaning situation. There is no other company I would use. This servicemaster location is top notch. Very efficient and professional. I am a business owner and cannot thank them enough!
Diane M.
Diane M.
Outstanding company. Very professional and exceeded any expectations during my loss.
Matthew P.
Matthew P.
Was blown away with degree of professionalism exhibited by the younger men!!!!
Ziggy A.
Ziggy A.
Brett, Anna and their team responded promptly to our needs. The issue was handled quickly and efficiently. I've used them on several occasions and highly recommend them.
Crouse Auto B.
Crouse Auto B.
From start to finish Service Master treated me like a family member. They were quick to schedule an initial appointment to assess the damage, and quickly and efficiently packed my possessions. When renovations were finished they quickly scheduled another appointment, arrived promptly, and smoothly helped me get all of my items back in the house. They went over and above what I had expected and I will recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Joanne, Vickie, and Brett were absolutely wonderful at helping me get through this crazy time.
Jeenie C.
Jeenie C.
They came to my home the same day of the water damage. Also worked with me with earlier times than usual. Friendly staff members and funny. No complaints about anything would use the again if insurance is paying ( lol) , J/K
Ken W.
Ken W.
Quality and Professional services received from Joanne, Brett and his team!! Brett and his team was very knowledgeable in taking care of my mold issue and answering all of my questions and provided very helpful suggestions. Thank you for everything!! You guys are the BEST!!
Genea R.
Genea R.
Our new office flooded, six weeks after we moved in. Thank goodness for Brett and his team! They came in, took care of everything and had us back to "business as usual" in a matter of days. These folks are amazing. ServiceMaster Quality Clean will continue to be our go-to when we, or our customers, need anything. They really are top-notch!Thanks again,Karen MichaelsMichaels Insurance and Financial Services, State Farm Insurance
Karen M.
Karen M.

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