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Serving Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, & New Castle Counties & Surrounding Areas (410) 392-4900

packout-300x250There are few things in life more destructive and terrifying than a fire. What the fire itself doesn’t destroy the smoke and soot can heavily damage. We understand the practical and emotional impact of fires, and our staff is trained to help you save and restore as much as you can.

When you contact us about a fire, we’ll be on-site usually within 2 hours to ensure our skills and services can be put to the best use.

When synesthetic materials like carpets, drapes, and furniture burn, they produce a kind of soot that is very acidic. In only a matter of days, it can destroy clothes, furniture, glass, and fixtures that would otherwise be perfectly salvageable. Rubbing or trying to clean this toxic soot yourself tends to rub it more deeply into the material you’re trying to save, making it more likely it will be ruined.

And when it comes to soot even things you don’t think could be hurt are at risk. Marble and chrome, tile and porcelain, brass and wood can all be ruined without the careful removal of acidic soot.

Our staff is highly trained and certified in exactly how to work with fire damage. We will carefully document everything we do, from our initial walk-through to the final removal of debris. But more than that, we understand the stress and other emotions a house fire can cause. Because of this, we make sure that you understand every step of what we’re doing, and carefully explain each and every step we take and why it’s important.

We don’t stop with just restoring your home, though. Putting out the fire is only the first step. A deep and professional cleaning follows, but then you may need to help in coordinating with the right contractors to help with restoration, removing fire-damaged debris, and Pack Outof your belongs, for storage and cleaning.

Our services are often covered under homeowner’s or business insurance. We have a claims specialist to assist with billing insurance, and for most of our clients we can fully manage all of the billing and payments without having to involve them.

We will respond to your call or email within minutes, and can usually be on-site inside of two hours. Once our team arrives, here’s what you can expect:

1. Inspection and evaluation of your home. We’ll walk through to see how bad the smoke and water damage is, and formulate a plan to salvage and restore what we can.

2. We explain what we need to do, in what order, and why it’s important. We’ll also explain how long it will take us to restore your home to pre-fire conditions.

3. We will begin emergency pre-cleaning of “at risk” surfaces such as metal, marble or any surface at risk of being etched from the corrosive gasses from the fire, such as bathroom fixtures, appliances, and glass.

4. If water is present from fire fighters, we will evaluate how that can be safely removed.

5. If necessary, we can bill your insurance company directly.

6. We can offer Pack Out Services, which means moving items such as furniture and electronics to our safe and secure warehouse while we’re cleaning.

7. Storing, cleaning, and deodorizing these items, as needed.

8. Moving your items back into your home for you.

We use all of the most technologically advanced cleaners, computers, inventory trackers, and deodorizing techniques.

MSM: Handheld Computing Excellence
The Mobile Service Manager, MSM, is a handheld computer designed for use in the field by technicians with software that automates Water Mitigation and Pack Out services. It provides for electronic daily uploads of data to XactAnalysis and Xactimate. The MSM delivers consistency in estimating, scope and equipment sizing based on IICRC standards.

NANO Filters: Odor killer with unparalleled power
The OdorKlenz Air Nano Cartridge neutralizes big odors fast. This non-invasive odor restoration cartridge is eco-friendly and can be used around people and pets. Inserted in HEPA air scrubbers, it immediately begins to reduce odors caused by fire, water damage, crime scene and trauma and natural disasters.

HYDROXYL: Environmentally-safe remove of odors and vapors
The Odorox hydroxyl products eliminate odors caused by fire, flood, chemical fumes, and organic vapors. And unlike some of the older technologies, they are safe for people, pets and plants. They are ideally suited for water and fire damage restoration, mold remediation, as well as crime scene, trauma, and biorecovery.